New Avionics ice detecting systems header

Optical sensing
for H2O water
in all its forms,
locations and

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Ice • Precipitation • Water levels
Aerospace • Industry
Household • Retail


9732 product line
Aerospace ice sensors
for everything that flies.

The smallest, lightest, most-sensitive
ice detectors in the world.

  • Length = 1.5 inch
  • Weight <10 grams
  • Ice sensitivity = 0.001 inch
  • Diameter = 0.26 inch
  • No moving parts
  • Radio silent - no MHz clock
  • Reference circuit provided
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Insensitive to gravity
  • NASA tested
  • SAE AIR 4367 rev A listed
  • SAE AS 5498 Conforming (core ¶
  • 9374 product line
    Industrial ice, precipitation
    water-level sensors
    for everything on the ground.

    Brick-solid sensor head
    with embedded optics.

    • Clear ice • Rime ice • Frost
    • Dew • Snow • Raindrops
    • Condensation • Water levels

    • Sensitive • Simple • Robust
    • Lightweight • Adaptable
    • Affordable • 200 foot reach

    • Wide ranging applications in
    • Industry • Automotive
    • Retail • Households


    aerospace gauge

    Model 9732-OAT Aerospace gauge
    Ice-indicating Outside Air Temperature gauge for general aviation
    per FAA TSO C43c


    Aerospace ice sensor system for embedding into host aerospace systems
    per SAE AS 5498


    photo of 9733 universal interface board
    Universal user interface board available from our factory or under low cost manufacturing license
    Ice, water-level and precipitation sensor element for application-specific housings and systems
    Turnkey ice, water-level and precipitation sensing system
    Ice*Meister™ applications guide
    Ice indicating OAT gauge
    Aerospace OEM system
    sensor element
    Industrial sensor system
    Agricultural and commercial sprinkler controls
    Aircraft antennas
    Airframe manufacturers - general aviation
    Airframe manufacturers - military
    Altimeters - aneroid
    Altimeters - radar
    Anti-icing systems - pneumatic boot
    Anti-icing systems - pulse
    Anti-icing systems - TKS
    Anti-icing systems - bleed air
    Automobile fuel cell systems
    Automobile windshield wiper controls
    Beech Bonanzas
    Cessna 182 Skylanes
    Cessna 208 Caravans
    Flight data recorders
    Gas turbines in power facilities
    Grocery stores, supermarkets - refrigerated displays
    Heliports, helipads - hospitals, police stations, offshore oil & gas rigs, etc.
    Household indoor-outdoor weather stations - kitchen thermometers
    Household refrigerators - defrost controls
    Ice-indicating municipal  traffic signals
    In-cockpit weather systems - ice domain mapping subscription sales
    Industrial freezers - defrost controls - frozen foods
    Jet engines - protection from ice FOD - bleed air control
    Meteorological stations - NOAA, municipal governments
    Pitot tubes
    Radio broadcast towers - FM
    Radio broadcast towers - TV
    Roadway ice warnings signs
    Sprinkler controls - commercial
    Sprinkler controls - residential
    Stall warning indicators
    Suspension bridges
    Tethered blimps
    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - domestic
    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - international
    Vehicle dispatch offices -- police, schoolbusses, taxicabs
    Vehicle windshield wiper controls
    Water level sensing -- washing machines, industry
    Weather stations
    Windpower farms
    Wireless networking - Zigbee